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Ridgecrest group
Ridgecrest joint meet, Feb. 2009
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Photos of the SYVH

2011-2012 Season

2012-2013 Season
2013-2014 Season
2014-2015 Season
2015-2016 Season

     Please note:
Due to new restrictions, there 
will be no SYVH photos
for the 2016-2017 season

Photos of other riding
2016-2017 Season

Including the Tejon Hounds'
Opening Hunt, the action packed
Tejon Hounds' hunt week and the
Tejon Hounds' beautiful and
exciting Closing Hunt


2016 Jack Brook
horse camp

Photo albums
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2.  Each album consists of several pages of "thumbnail" photos.  
     You may click on a page number found in the upper center of the page.
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Trials day 1
Hound Trials Day 1 pictures.
Trials day 2
Hound Trials Day 2 pictures.
Trials Smith
Joy Smith's Hound Trials pictures
LAH Opening
LAH's opening hunt pictures.
Ridgecrest 2008
Ridgecrest 2008 photos.
Ridgecrest 2009
Ridgecrest 2009 photos.

LAH's closing hunt pictures

Midland School Ride

Kickon Ranch Trail Ride

SYVH 2010-2012 Season
Including LAH Joint Meet

Cachuma Lake Ride
April 22, 2012


SYVH 2012-2013 Season
Including Race Meet and
Closing Hunt

Digital or printed copies of all photos (except Joy Smith's) are available by E-mailing me from here.  

Do you have any suggestions for photos to post?

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